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About Business Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers by name of professor Kunjavsky

For a long time Businessmen were making diverse organizational, institutional structures for protection of their common interests. The history of their development is long and diverse. In Belarus the processes of democratization and formation of private property led to foundation in 1990 of free public association “Union of landholders and Entrepreneurs” and now “Business association of Entrepreneurs and Employers by name of Kunjavsky” ( hereinafter BAEE). During 17 years BAEE  assert the interests of private business methodically and systematically. Reacting on the situation which are making worse conditions of works in this sector of economy not by “nitpicking” but by constructive criticism and by functional and economical verify and reasonable proposals. 

The structure of BAEE’s members.

The main sense and subject of activity is the assistance of rising enterprises’ competitiveness; development of entrepreneurship; make new work places and effective job as main factor for formation middle class and struggle against poverty.

BAEE is not simple corporate association The Union is one of cells of civil society, leading business association of Belarus effective working as on state so and on regional level.

BAEE cooperates with Government of RB being active member of such formation as inter-department commission of small entrepreneurship (chairman is deputy Prime Minister A.V. Kobjakov), Interagency council of developing export (chairman is the first deputy Prime Minister V.I Semashko), National Council of social-labour questions and other business institutes. Between BAEE and Mogilev Regional Executive Organs made an agreement about cooperation which is provided realization of complex of interlated actions of making and developing entrepreneurship including in rural regions.

It is pity, but many problems and difficulty including administrative interference in enterprises’ economy, unstable and imperfect legislation, existing of guarantee of property, prejudged control and so on are preented from developing of private entrepreneurship. And we all entrepreneurs and sponsors of business are privy to the solving of these problems. Only jointly we can better business environment busy and investment climate in our country, and only in such way we can promote the rising welfare of Belarusian people.