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Membership in BAEE by name of Kunjavsky

Legal persons of the Republic of Belarus (profit organizations, councils, associations of employers and/or entrepreneurs) who are admit regulations of BAEE and pay fees can be the member of BAEE. The BAEE’s members through their representatives are participating in BAEE’s activity on basis of official authorities or by warrant.

Following types of membership are set in the BAEE:

  • plenipotentiary members
  • full members
  • solidary members
  • associated members

Plenipotentiary, full and solidary members of BAEE are active members. They have vote on BAEE’s meeting and should pay membership dues. Active BAEE’s members choose free the type of their membership in BAEE with abidance of established terms and demands.

Associated members can be unions, associations, other public , non-commercial organizations and also separate commercial organizations according to the BAEE’s decision. Associated members have a right not to pay members dues, but they don’t have a vote.

 According to the status of membership the BAEE’s direction give whole range of services:

  • lobbying of interests in legislative and executive organs
  • to protect the interests of particular BAEE’s member
  • promotion of arising competitiveness and development partnership and also through organizing business meeting with republican government body, getting internal preference and corporate support
  • consulting service including confidential audit, consulting services
  • education and professional development including giving recommendation on education of international programme
  • Information services of BAEE including concession of “Business-Press”, preparing monitoring of legislate of RB, putting up the information on the BAEE’s site
  • Social partnership, collective agreement and social protection of heads
  • Individual services for head of BAEE’s membership organizations.

In the article of BAEE’s work these range of services are describing in details and formulating the circumstances of their getting.

Membership in BAEE by name of Kunjavsky is the consistent decision if you  have the following reasons and grounds:

  • You are supporters of market relations in economy
  • You consider that framework circumstances of doing business are not optimal
  • You have an idea how to better the business conditions
  • You want to participate in process of improvement
  • You seek a person holding the same views and the ways of exchange of experience
  • You want to take part in constructive meetings with representatives of  ministries and departments
  • You are interesting in modern methods of management and international experience
  • You want to improve your status and public recognition
  • You think about fortune of private entrepreneurship
If you are interesting in membership according to these reasons let make a decision about membership in BAEE by name of Kunjavsky. Also you should admit the regulations of BAEE, address to the direction, observe requirements of Code of business ethics.