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Republican Club of Directors (RCD)

Necessity of formation of civilized mechanism of lobbying interests of manufactures and entrepreneurs alive a new form of work with economic players – Republican Club of Directors (RCD)

RCD is founded in the end of 1992. It is joined about 100 heads of organizations of RB on the reasons of common interest in exchange of experience of management activity and in active influence on the movement of economic process in society. RCD is one of the forms authorized activity of BAEE.


The main aims and objects of RCD are:

  • Constant exchange of opinions of more actual social-economical problems, making the way of their solving;
  • Inform the heads of direction and government, local administrations and mass media about directs’ position in the problem of economical development of republic, separate regions, fields, leading enterprises;
  • Constructive dialog with representatives of state power and management, trade unions and union of entrepreneurs, international organizations and finance institutions of more actual social-economical problems;
  • Discussing the projects of legislative and normative acts, making notes and proposals to them, analysis of their realization in republic;
  • Discussing the questions of social partnership for their statement and consideration in National council of social and labor questions ;
  • Formations of business communications and partnerships  with similar unions heads in different countries;
  • Identification of director’s role in reforms’ process and his social protect;
  • Networking for joint business collaboration.

During 14 years of RCD’s activity in their meeting took part Prime-Ministers, Deputy Prime-Ministers, Ministers and deputy ministers of economy, tax and fees, the whole range of ministries and departments, deputies, head of National Bank of RB, leading science of RB and CIN, international experts.

Republican club of Directors is the unique possibility on the round table make a dialog between power and heads of organizations of different fields of economy of making a proposals and recommendations which are aimed at formation positive business sphere and development of economy of RB.